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PC Magazine Top Stats 1.3

It monitors your system and processes using the CPU, memory and other resources
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Top Stats monitors your system, processes using the CPU, memory, disk, and Internet network resources.
By default each column displays the percentage of total usage for each of these components. The CPU and Memory columns show a percentage of available resources where as Disk and Network show the percentage of the total currently being used. For example if Internet Explorer is the only application that is accessing the Internet at a given time then it would show that it is using 100% of the current bandwidth. In the memory column you'd see that IE is using a percentage of total available RAM, rather than the percentage of what is being accessed at that moment.
You can also change the data to display the current value and cumulative value. For example, when you select the "Current Value" setting for the CPU column you will see the time, in seconds and milliseconds that the process has used since the last update. If you were to select the "Cumulative Value" setting you'd see total time, in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds that the process has used. There is also a "Reset Cumulative" option, which is helpful when monitoring changes in the cumulative use of a resource over time.
To change the value that is displayed in each column you simply right-click within the column or click the column header which will present a menu to select from. You can also set these from within the settings dialog.

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